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CEGA Criminal Law specializes in providing superior legal representation to those facing criminal charges or criminal investigation in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. We provide full-service criminal defense ensuring that you receive a fair trial for any misdemeanor or felony charge.

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyer, Carl E.G. Arnold, and his experienced team offer aggressive and tireless legal representation to anyone facing criminal charges. Carl Arnold is a Top 10 Criminal Defense Trial Attorney in Las Vegas and a Top 100 Trial Attorney in the Nation delivering respectable defense that provides strong legal support and gets results.

Hiring an experienced criminal lawyer is a crucial first step after you have been arrested for a crime or if you are considered a suspect in a criminal investigation. Criminal lawyers are proficient in the legal processes surrounding arrests and criminal charges including investigation, court proceedings, sentencing, and appeals.

CEGA Criminal Lawyers in Las Vegas have the knowledge and skill needed to confront misdemeanor and felony charges in both state and federal court systems. We operate with a client-driven approach committed to assisting clients with any criminal defense need including criminal case appeals, probation or parole violations, and any other criminal law matters you may be facing.

At CEGA Criminal Law, our mission is to fight for your rights through professional, experienced and aggressive criminal defense.Carl E.G. Arnold, respected Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, along with his team will provide you criminal defense representation committed to a proactive approach that seeks out strategic advantage in every case.

If you have been charged with a crime, CEGA Criminal Law offers a free, initial case evaluation that allows you to discuss the elements of your case with a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense lawyer. During a consultation with CEGA Criminal Law you will be able to ask questions about the specific charges against you, along with questions pertaining to legal process before you. A free consultation does not obligate you to hire our attorney’s, however, we are confident that you will find reassurance in the quality of criminal defense we have to offer.

CEGA Criminal Law is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; contact us today for your free consultation and someone from our firm will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Hire a Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney?

The legal process following a criminal arrest or the one involved during a criminal investigation is overwhelming and stressful. Criminal cases can be an involved process that is devastating and even unfair for the defendant, particularly for those who already carry a criminal conviction on their record.Criminal defense attorneys provide the best opportunity for a fair trial for any defendant.

If you have been charged with a crime in Las Vegas must hire a Las Vegas criminal lawyer in order to improve the probability of a positive outcome. Criminal conviction scan result in legal penalties, jail or prison time, but even when they do not result in such serious repercussions, they can affect your ability to get a job, own a gun, receive housing or even qualify for government aid. CEGA Criminal Law has experience with local courts, prosecutors, and even law enforcement providing critical insight to better defend your case.

New criminal laws with increasingly harsher penalties are passed in Nevada every year, making it of even greater importance to hire a knowledgeable criminal attorney. Las Vegas criminal lawyers have a thorough understanding of Las Vegas law improving the probability of receiving an innocent verdict or reduced sentencing.

The best reason to consider hiring an experienced Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney is the possibility of clearing your name. A criminal attorney has the necessary understanding of the legal process to first help you understand the charges against you and then proceed strategically in your defense.

A CEGA Criminal Defense Lawyer is able to manage all legal issues related to your case including:

  • Explanation Of Charges and Legal Process Ahead
  • Completion Of Paperwork and Timely Submittal
  • Identification Of Potential Issues
  • Building Your Case
  • Find, Direct and Communicate With Witnesses
  • Investigate And Acquire Evidence To Clear Your Name
  • Ensure Civil Rights Were Not Violated
  • Provide Protection Against The Prosecution
  • Communicate With Parties Involved In Your Case
  • Help Get Charges Dismissed Or Reduced
  • Work A Plea Bargain In Your Favor
  • Clearing Your Criminal Record

Full-Service Las Vegas Criminal Defense

CEGA Criminal Law provides comprehensive Criminal Defense for any misdemeanor or felony charge. CEGA Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, Carl E.G. Arnold, and his skilled team can provide superior legal representation for charges including:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Assault And Battery
  • Theft, Robbery, Burglary
  • Domestic Violence
  • Violent Crimes
  • Traffic Violations
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Criminal Court Appeals
  • Record Expunction
  • Probation And Parole Violations

CEGA Criminal Law is prepared to defend your rights and produce a strong, strategic defense that protects your reputation and keeps you from devastating penalties.

For more information about the quality Criminal Defense offered by CEGA Criminal Law and Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Carl E.G. Arnold contact or call our office today at (702) 358-1138. Our office is open 24 hours and a member of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Power Of An Experienced Criminal Lawyer In Las Vegas

At CEGA Criminal Law, our priority is to deliver skilled and tenacious legal representation that is built to protect your legal rights, freedom and reputation. We have extensive experience with criminal courts in Las Vegas and throughout the state of Nevada giving you the best local criminal defense.

Hiring Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney, Carl E.G. Arnold and his highly experienced team unlocks the power behind years of dedicated experience and established knowledge about the criminal judicial system.

CEGA Criminal Law understands the importance of acting quickly and remaining proactive throughout the entire legal process. Our team wastes no time in building your case regardless of the situation you’re facing. We pride ourselves on delivering strategic and preemptive action that has often improved the outcome for our clients.

CEGA Criminal Law provides strong Criminal Defense Services in Las Vegas with a number of crucial benefits including:

  • Providing An Attorney During Police Interrogations And Criminal Investigations
  • Guidance Through Critical Pre-Trial Phases
  • Negotiating Plea Bargains With The Prosecutor For A Reduced Sentence Or Dismissed Case
  • Actively Defend You Throughout The Trial Process
  • Research Facts And Laws Pertaining To Your Case
  • Hire Investigators When Necessary
  • Gather Evidence To Mount A Strong Defense
  • Raising Defenses That May Be Advantageous (Defense Of Property, Self-Defense Among Others)
  • Interviewing Witnesses And Finding Valuable Testimony
  • Assistance For Trial Testimony
  • Helping You To Avoid Self-Incrimination During Interrogations
  • Filing For Retrial Or Appeal
  • Representation For An Alleged Parole Or Probation Violation
  • Helping To Ensure A Favorable Sentence During Sentencing Hearing
  • On-Going Counsel And Advocacy Following Trial

CEGA Criminal Law remains committed to your defense long after your trial has ended. We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients and continue as an advocate for your rights and freedoms. Whether you have you questions or concerns, need counsel or require representation for another matter, we remain your Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney when you need it most.

Hire Your Las Vegas Defense Attorney Today

Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, Carl E.G. Arnold and his skilled team at CEGA Criminal Law are available to provide you with the highest level of legal representation. CEGA Criminal Law is will fight to protect your rights should a prosecution choose to move forward with the criminal case against you.

If you or someone you love have been arrested for a crime in the Las Vegas area or is the suspect in a criminal investigation, it is extremely important that you act quickly. To avoid permanent consequences, contact CEGA Criminal Law today.

Carl E.G. Arnold is a Top 100 Trial Attorney in the Nation and a Top 10 Criminal Defense Trial Attorney in Las Vegas. For over 20 years, Carl Arnold has provided top-quality representation to those facing any category of criminal charges.

For superior criminal defense that employs experience, knowledge and dedication, call CEGA Criminal Law in Las Vegas at 702-358-1138 or contact us online today.

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Getting criminal charges reduced is what Attorney Carl E.G Arnold specializes in. We have built our reputation and earned our recognition and awards placing us among the Top 10 criminal defense attorney in Nevada by representing common people facing uncommon, difficult circumstances.

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