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3 Myths Set Straight by a Trial Defense Lawyer

May 9, 2017 Tags: , ,

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We’ve all heard them before.

These myths and fallacies about criminal prosecutions and defense strategies have been circulating for years — some for decades.

Hollywood does not help the situation, especially with their CSI-type shows that give you a distorted sense of how the criminal justice system works.

So, it is time to set the record straight.

Here at CEGA Law, we’re take the three notorious myths about trial defense attorneys and procedures and are setting the record straight.


3 Myths and Misconceptions Heard Too Often by Trial Defense Attorneys

From the “Twinkie Defense” to assuming DNA is the only way to convict, plenty of misconceptions are out there about how the criminal justice system works. So, our lead trial defense lawyer, Carl E.G. Arnold, debunks these myths and gets to the truth.

  1. The Infamous Twinkie Defense: Who can forget the notorious “Twinkie Defense?” The infamous case occurred in 1979 when a criminal defendant claimed that Twinkies incapacitated him.This is a wildly incorrect myth. In fact, Twinkies were never referred to in testimony. Instead, the case was based on diminished capacity when the defendant suffered bouts of major psychiatric illnesses. While what he ingested played a role in his bipolar mood swings, the defense used Ding Dongs and Ho-Hos as examples.
  2. Miranda Rights: You might assume your case is pitched out because you did not receive your rights. However, a good trial defense attorney will tell you that you only get Mirandized if you are arrested. So, if you confess but aren’t under arrest, your confession stays.
  3. Appealing Verdicts: Many defendants assume that the first trial doesn’t matter because they can appeal later. In reality, courts only grant appeal reviews on two to three percent of cases. Furthermore, there must be a blatant error or violation of your trial rights to qualify for an appeal. A verdict you disagree with is not grounds for such.

Bottom Line: Consult a Trial Defense Lawyer — Don’t Believe the Myths

Myths are nothing deeper than rumors out of hand. If you want sound advice, turn to the attorneys at CEGALAW. We can help you with your criminal defense.

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