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Traffic tickets

Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic tickets can be stressful and costly, making for a potentially stressful situation. Even routine traffic stops by law enforcement such as speeding or failing to yield can add up resulting in high fines, points on your driving record and increased insurance rates. Even if you feel the ticket is minor, it is in your best interest to hire a traffic ticket lawyer.

CEGA Criminal Law provides proactive representation by an experienced Las Vegas Traffic Ticket Lawyer. Hiring a traffic ticket attorney can make a significant difference including reducing fines, keeping points off your driving record, and avoiding an increase in insurance rates.

A Traffic Ticket Lawyer from CEGA Criminal Law thoroughly understands the complexities of Nevada traffic law and has experience representing those who have a received a traffic ticket for a number of traffic violations including:

  • Speeding
  • Reckless Driving
  • Failure To Stop At A Red Light Or Stop Sign
  • Driving On A Suspended License
  • Failure To Maintain Car Insurance
  • Street Racing

What Do You Do With A Traffic Ticket?

If you feel the traffic ticket you received is fair and valid, you can simply follow the directions listed on the citation and pay the assigned fine. However, if you feel that the ticket was unjustified or you would simply like to fight the ticket, you can exercise the option to contest it in court.

While you are able to represent yourself in traffic court, it is recommended that you seek out the experience and representation of a trusted and local Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Las Vegas. If you schedule a free consultation at CEGA Criminal Law, our team will help you determine the best course of action for handling your traffic ticket. We can provide key insight that will help you determine if it is worth fighting and then provide you with quality representation that will increase the probability of a positive outcome in traffic court.

Before You Pay, Speak With A Traffic Ticket Lawyer Las Vegas

Paying your traffic ticket, in essence tells the courts that you are admitting guilt to the traffic infraction you were stopped and cited for. Which in turn results in points added to your driving record with the Nevada Department Of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and a potential increase in insurance premiums. The risk of increased insurance rates is greater particularly if this is not your first traffic ticket.

The Nevada Demerit Point System in place through the DMV allows a driver up to 12 points before a driver’s license is suspended or even revoked. The point system is complicated and can vary depending on the infractions against you and the seriousness of the situation. For example, points for speeding tickets are dependent upon the miles per hour (MPH) above the established speed limit. . Common point assignments can include:

  • 1 Point: Driving Up To 10 MPH Over The Speed Limit
  • 2 Points: Driving 11 To 20 MPH Over The Speed Limit
  • 4 Points: Failure To Stop At A Traffic Signal Or Stop Sign
  • 4 Points: Failure To Yield To A Pedestrian
  • 8 Points: Reckless Driving Of Any Form

Why You Need A Traffic Violation Attorney Las Vegas

A skilled Traffic Violation Attorney Las Vegas from CEGA Criminal Law has extensive knowledge of all Nevada driving or traffic related laws allowing the ability to successfully defend traffic ticket court cases.

Ignoring a traffic ticket citation, failing to pay the fine, or fighting the traffic ticket on your own can result in more serious repercussions. Regardless if your traffic ticket is simply for a minor traffic infraction, seeking out advice and representation from a Las Vegas Traffic Violation Attorney can be beneficial.

CEGA Criminal Law offers a free initial consultation in which you will be able to discuss the details surrounding the traffic stop, the traffic charge made against you, and the coinciding traffic ticket penalties. At a consultation, you will find experience and specialized knowledge allows our team of Traffic Ticket Attorneys Las Vegas to effectively contest unjustified traffic tickets or at a minimum get it the ticket dropped to a lesser charge and fine.

Call CEGA Criminal Law at 702-358-1138 or schedule your free consultation online for superior representation from an experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer.

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